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La Tomme de Brebis de Charlevoix

La Tomme de Brebis de Charlevoix has a beige rind and paste. The interior is smooth and supple with mild lactic aromas. It is mild to the taste, lactic, rich and lightly salted. Introduced in 2009, it is made with milk from the Maison d’Affinage’s ewe herd.

Cheesemaker Maison Maurice Dufour
Type of milk Sheep’s milk
Type of paste Firm
Type of rind Natural
Formats • Fixed weight  6 x 100 g (#10104)
• Wheen 1 x 2,5 kg (#10254)
Moisture 33 %
M.F. 33 %

Food and wine pairing


A perfect complement to a charcuterie platter

With a light red (think of a Gamay from Beaujolais or Ontario).

Technical informations

Origin of milk / Treatment : Sheep’s milk

Ripening : 8 to 12 months

Shelf life: 60 to 75 days (whole wheel)

Ingredients:  Made from sheep’s milk, salt, rennet, bacterial culture

Manufacturing: Artisan

Allergen: Milk

Maison d’Affinage Maurice Dufour

An amateur agronomist, visionary and nature lover, Maurice Dufour patiently and authentically produces his fine cheeses. Being one of the pioneers in the micro-cheese dairy field in Quebec, Maurice creates quality artisanal cheeses that have earned him the reputation he has today. Using mountain-sourced spring water and sheep milk from their flock, the Maurice Dufour Cheese Refinery makes no compromises when it comes to sourcing its raw materials.