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Fromagerie Blackburn

Four generations of the Blackburn family have lived on the fertile lands where the cheese dairy is located. Its 90 years of history began with Napoléon Blackburn, who embarked upon the big farming venture in 1926. With its herd of Holsteins numbering more than 250, the dairy farm boasts excellent milk, whose quality can be traced back to the rich boreal soil, which also gives its cheese dairy products a remarkably distinctive taste.

Offering cheeses made from its own milk production, Fromagerie Blackburn is proud that its products reflect its values. By using artisanal methods optimized by the addition of sustainable technological equipment, the cheese dairy guarantees not only that quality is maintained, but an outstanding level of consistency as well. The Blackburn family is involved in every step of the cheese-ageing process until it reaches its optimal quality. The smallest indicators count: the rind, aroma, colour and texture of the cheese are all elements that have to be checked and controlled. Skill, experience and extensive knowledge of the world of cheeses allow your cheesemakers to offer products that you love—products whose taste and subtlest notes and flavours were created with passion and diligence.