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L’Adoray has an orangey rind and an ivory-coloured, supple and creamy paste. Strapped with spruce bark, it features lactic, woodsy aromas and slightly spicy flavours of butter, wood and straw. Introduced in 2016, the cheese is named for the grandfather and father of cheesemaker Alain Boyer: Adorice and Raymond.

Cheesemaker Fromagerie Montebello
Type of milk Cow milk
Type of paste Runny
Type of rind Mixed
Formats • Fixed weight 5 x 180 g (#12198)
Moisture 55 %
M.F. 22 %


Food and wine pairing


Fruity and generous

Aromatic and round

Technical informations

Origin of milk / Treatment: Whole cow milk / Pasteurization

Ripening: 30 days

Shelf life :

Ingredients: Pasteurized milk, salt, rennet, calcium chloride, bacterial culture.

Manufacturing: Artisan

Allergene: Milk

La Fromagerie Montebello

For years, Alain Boyer made cheese at Fromagerie in Plaisance, and then went in another direction… without ever forgetting his trade. In 2011, stars realigned. Fromagerie Montebello was born in the heart of the Petite-Nation, to cheese lovers’ delight who first adopted Tête à Papineau cheese enthusiastically!