Agence de ventes DCM
Thanks to their creamy texture and salty taste, soft cheeses generally pair perfectly with white wine, just as hearty red wines go well Parmesan or any other hard cheese. You can even create pairings with port wine, or fortified wins. The important thing is to try… and taste!

The order of the operations is easy. You should simply present the lighter cheeses and wines at the beginning, and end with those that are stronger and more full-bodied.

For the wine: Count on about 3/4 of a bottle per person.

For the cheese: About 20 grams of each cheese per person.

In a formal setting, a wine and cheese tasting unfolds over three or four different courses, with each one comprised of three cheeses and two wines. But you can also present everything all at once. Having a good time is what counts!

Source : SAQ